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Born out of necessity

About Butterfly Kiss Books

Butterfly Kiss Books was born out of necessity rather than a luxury.
In 2007/08, we had just experienced the worst side of the self-publishing industry. We decided in 2010 to trust a publishing company to publish Debbie’s first novel the ‘Cloud Riders’. Although it was exciting for Debbie to hold her very first book, we were less than impressed with the quality of the publication. We learnt more and more about how to publish a book and the professional standards that are required to ensure it is a quality publication. So in 2012, we decided to remove the Cloud Riders from the publishing company and re-publish it as ‘Home Worlds’ under the imprint of Butterfly Kiss Books. In 2015, we saw a need for an imprint for children’s books and Little Butterfly Books was born.

As we did in the past, writers today are falling into the traps offered by certain elements of the publishing industry. Writers are losing money, time and more importantly confidence in their manuscript. So it is time for writers, no matter what experience level, to have a better option that keeps them in control of their publishing journey. With this, we have created ‘Book Buddy Publishing’ that shows you exactly what you need to do to become an Indie Author.